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It's All Hallows' Eve and the witch Bel wants to visit her girlfriend, Chime! But on this night, the moon draws out wicked things with evil intent. Help Bel take flight and fight through the spooky spirits of the night! (and maybe get a high score!)

Keyboard Controls

  • Arrow Keys : Steer
  • Z : Fly faster
  • X : Cast a spell
  • C : Throw a pumpkin bomb
  • Enter : Start the game
  • Tab : Fullscreen
  • Esc : Quit

Gamepad Controls

  • Left Stick : Steer
  • A / X : Fly faster
  • X / Square : Cast a spell
  • Y / Triangle : Throw a pumpkin bomb
  • Start : Start the game
  • Select : Fullscreen

Programming, sound effects, and music by Joshua Hurd @qkjosh

Pixel art, animation, and design by Lachlan Cartland @AlcopopStar

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Halloween, Pixel Art, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller, witch


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-Made a Video.

-The Game: 08:08 (The 3rd Game)

"endless mode might be nice."


Doesn't look like a game I'll play but got to say the gif screenshot with the witch giving the kiss is beyond adorable

I haven't stopped thinking about this game since I first played it. I can't wait for the next version! It's challenging and cute and spooooky. Quite simply the perfect little arcade game.

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Using rapidfire it's too easy, it should be better to limit the bullets frequency (example 10 per sec), also better to remove the own shoot sound because it cover all the others.

I thought Moonflight was a very interesting little game you have. I really like the music and the graphic. Great job! Here is a video of me playing a bit of Moonflight on my channel. Hope you will enjoy it!

Really fun game, its sad that it's so short though. The game as amazing graphics
and music, both giving a nice retro feel to the game. The different types
of enemies also make the game entertaining and challenging enough.
My only real complaint would be that this game would need an endless mode:
get the highest score you can before dying., but that aside, this is really fun!

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This game is so cute! I just wanted to report that arrow key controls seemed a bit off. Left/right would consistently work but not up/down. Sometimes when starting the game it'd let me go up and down a few times and then it seems like they'd stop doing anything. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong!

Oops, maybe I should have explained the controls better!
The up and down arrows only work while you're holding the button to fly faster, they won't move Bel on their own :)

Thank you so much for explaining this!! Ahhh I'm so excited I can play now. The music is GREAT btw!! Thanks for the quick response!

Belchime is 1000 times better than Brangelina.

This was so much fun! Thanks for making a cute/amazing/shoot 'em up game for Halloween!

Haha, this was great. Thanks for the Let's Play!
Oh and for the record, the sperm were meant to be ghosts, but I can see how people would think otherwise XD

Lol sorry that's what happens with my brain on 3 hours of sleep and a lot of caffeine ^ - ^ It was so fun and challenging!

Deleted 7 years ago

Hi just watched your video about Moonflight :) You did get to the pumpkin boss, right? He's the most fun and I felt he deserved to be in the video.

Deleted post

Thanks for the video, glad you enjoyed it! Appreciate the feedback too.

Deleted post

nice little game, keep up the good work