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A really beautiful game. The art is just gorgeuos. 

We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Amazing job on the art ! I just don't get how to fill the heart (or is it always full ?) and it's too repetitive, anyway a great submission for a LD !

Can you make a mac version for the game?

Congratulations! I thought this was the most beautiful game of LD41 and apparently I was not the only one! 

Graphics: 1st (4.794 average from 143 ratings)

I don't have to tell you how much I appreciated the whole aesthetical style, do I? <3 The visuals are amazing, the ambient sound design is calming and the game itself is so charming (but I had to giggle whenever the head of one of the birdies was 'stretched' :D ). It's a soft, lovely gaming experience and the only thing I could wish for in it would be some more details about the background story. Some little, subtle hints were given and it inspired my fantasy, but I would love some more details. :) Anyway, this atmospherical Ludum Dare 41 entry deserved a place in our recommendations about the jam, so I included it in one of our compilation articles as well as it's featured in the related gameplay video. Thank you very much for your entry. <3

Best wishes,

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This is adorable. I know some people would say,"Hey, that's eloping!" Well this isn't just some Romeo and Juliet. (1) The game goes deeper than that, with the endless running mimicking commitment. (2) if it was shallow, then the "right" response to "How's Colin doing?" is jealousy. (3) They're birds, dammit! Let them literally leave the nest.

But yeah, the game has made me go awww~ It's simple but that makes it all the more amazing what multiple choice elements and runner games--both common--can do!