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my computer is too weak for this game but it's cool anyway

I love the new story it definitely make experience much better. 


Thank you for taking the time to try it again :) I'm glad it was a better experience

I liked your game and the atmosphere. Very spooky and with great potential for a horror game. The graphics are really well made and the dogs animations are cute. I felt lost after a couple of rooms in when my light went out. I kept trying to return to the surface but i was stuck on the stairs up. I loved the spooky character on the chair, gave me goosebumps when it moved. I think that's how it feels for a dog sometimes, lost in a human world looking for emotion.  

Love the atmosphere and aesthetic! Beautiful, cute, creepy. The game put me in a contemplative and relaxed mood. I wondered if the dog was in a kind of dream (or nightmare) looking for their owner who wasn't home for some reason. But I enjoy the game without explanation, and I like the ending.

Could I possibly adopt him?

I would do the same, even though we already have a dog.

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Holy crap this dog is cute! Was it intentional to have the game without a story? Or to have the player create the narrative? I had so many quesitons. Given that, I still loved the experience. It was erie and beautiful at the same time. And did I mention the dog is cute?

:D!!! What a wonderful playthrough! Thank you so much for picking our game!

The obscurity of the story was definitely intentional, since we wanted the player to draw conclusions themselves.

Doggo said he appreciates your guidance through the maze. :3

Very beautiful but we got stuck on the puzzles. You should link to your Ludum dare submission page so we can rate it on there!

Hey Dylan! The link to View Submission is right at the top of the screen :)

This was pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

Hey i played your game! i found the game strange but interesting! i was wondering about the dog is the dog like in purgatory or something because when i saw the weird deformed human guys i thought that was going or are those guys like his previous hosts that have passed on? but anyways i enjoyed playing this game great job! also here is the video of me playing your game!    

Is the game short? just asking

I found it pretty short it took at least 10 mins beat but I wouldn't be surprised if there is more here though

Thank you so much for playing our game! :D So glad you liked it! The dog appreciated your help.